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The Veshti Company was formed in 2017 with an idea of getting tradition trending and creating unique, distinct and pioneering designs in apparel and accessories. We started as a humble bottomwear company that brought in innovation in Bohemian style clothing and weaving techniques which allowed us to introduce quirky designs in various niche and themes. Soon our love for product design went further and we started experimenting with off-beat Harem Pant designs. Being an advocate for comfort clothing ourselves, we were able to identify the shortcomings of conventional clothing available in the market and decided to take the matter in our hands. It was during such times that we realised the need for comfort clothing and that’s when we ventured into Quirky Harem Pants for people who don’t want anything less than crazy.

Our manufacturing process is quite extensive. From procuring the finest-quality yarn/cotton, to processing them and weaving them into the flawless-finish veshti that you see here, it takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that our product is the best that there is. Of course, we have our closely-guarded ‘Secret’—that extra-something that gives our veshtis the edge, making them stand out from that of our competitors. The ‘Secret’, as we like to call it, is a result of years of innovating, fine-tuning, and improvising our processes, till we arrived at a final product that was the best that it can possibly be. The need for perfection is what drives us.  

This is our story. It’s not much but we will soon update this page with insights into what made The Veshti Company a global brand that it has become today. Stay tuned!

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Urban Gallivanter
ganesh moorthy
Love it!

Sooper comfortable... I am 5 feet 7 inches, it does ride up a bit, could be slightly longer. But I just love the material. I do hope the stock situation improves, as I want to buy more, but the ones I want seem to be out of stock.

Ancient Seal

Very good product

Ravening Wings
Jheel Thakkar

Amazing fabric, loved the colour and really comfortable ♥️

Spell Binder
Avinash Kumar

Gift for son. He likes it so much.
Soon i will buy for my daughter also

Winged Bolt
Abhrajit Bose

Winged Bolt