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The Hipster Series

Unique and Unisex!

With open-side legs and Ankle cuffs with adjustable straps, move freely while doing the split or chasing butterflies after a puff! 

Elastic waist on the back allows the pant to fit most sizes.

You probably couldn't custom fit a garment better than this. Exclusive from The Veshti Company for all the souls in search of Solitude.

The Veshti is so much more than just an item of clothing. It is an identity—a garment that symbolises a boy’s step into manhood, that moment when he’s ready to stand tall and take on the world. It is a classic, something that transcends time as well as the ever-changing fashion trends. The Veshti Company pays homage to this aspect of it, to the traditional and emotional threads that are woven into its fabric. Every one of our piece undergoes stringent quality-check processes to ensure that the end product is worthy of our name.

Our manufacturing process is quite extensive. From procuring the finest-quality yarn/cotton, to processing them and weaving them into the flawless-finish veshti that you see here, it takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that our product is the best that there is. Of course, we have our closely-guarded ‘Secret’—that extra-something that gives our veshtis the edge, making them stand out from that of our competitors. The ‘Secret’, as we like to call it, is a result of years of innovating, fine-tuning, and improvising our processes, till we arrived at a final product that was the best that it can possibly be. The need for perfection is what drives us.  

We understand that a veshti is an investment. Unlike fashion trends that come and go, the veshti has never really gone out of style; it is timeless. It is a garment that will last you for years, and with that in mind, we’ve ensured that our veshtis will withstand the test of time. Our finely-woven, 100% cotton veshtis are gentle to the touch yet show little wear and tear, even after frequent washes. They are made to last, made to look new and fresh even after years of use.

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didnt get the product

I havnet received the product … and I need the products

Fits just amazing!


Its truly fantastic. the quality is great and it fits perfect. Got two compliments on day 1, now that says it all!


Very comfortable & worth the penny !! Looking forward to shop with you more


I love the product but would have prefered if a discount or prices are slashed down. I would have purchased more


I really like the designs of this particular collection....does this fit people with 5.9ft height?


It’s too good guys. great product

Value for Money

Product quality is impressive. Fits perfectly. Extremely happy!


quality is good loved the pant ..

Awesome is Just a Word, Its more than That

Have been looking to wear something different and have been seeing the Ads from Veshti Company, initially I was very doubtful about buying the Product but later really felt like trying out these pants, and ordered them finally. And without a Doubt, I can Say, These Pants are Just crazy, Cool & great to Wear.
The Quality is Awesome and Definitely Fits All Sizes. Its got a Zip Pocket too which is really an ADD ON compared to Other Styles. And I have already got 2 of these Pants Now.

Tainted Sinner


Urban Gallivanter

Well made

Great quality fabric. Light, breathable but does not look like it will sag over time. The elastic waist is well made, not loose, and also includes a tie/draw-string, just on case! Very happy with purchase.

I love your products, I'm a student studying animation and game design in Banglore. I dig for these kinda fashion. I'd love to model for y'all for your product.

The wearer loves the design, fit and the comfort of it too. Thank you!

Awesome 👍

Received the order
Bit delay with the FedEx delivery
But Happy with the product quality and fitting.....
This is my first time shopping with veshti company....
Loved the product....
Thank you 😊

Good cloth material and design

Urban Gallivanter

Great product

Well tailored, versatile fit. Love the colour combination. Already ordered another!

Gadabout (Grains)

Lunar Rift

Love the fit.. Very comfortable. Material is superb. Worth the price. Thank you

Worth the money

Purchased the urban gallivanter with some doubts as in if it would fit me, if the cloth material would be sustainable, if it was worth the money as described in other review. Once i received the package and ripped it open, all my doubts were cleared and i knew that purchasing this was not a mistake. Pretty comfortable,you can do splits and yoga in this and it wouldn't rip!!! What else do you need?

Brilliant Product

These pants are fantastic! I love the fabric, and the comfort in them. The design is amazing, the finishing of is so neat, and overall, if you're into Boho clothing, this is for you :)