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Nice product

Hi team , i like this product ao much that I took clicks with this and posted on mg instagram jayehs_jetaime, also I tagged your company name.
Thanks for quick and good service, i will use this product for few more times and let you know about it

Till then keep fashioning ☺️, stay home stay safe

Nice and unique

It is a great product, if you can bring something in cotton then keep me posted.

Ancient Seal


வணக்கம் என் மகனுக்கு பார்த்துக் கொண்டு இருந்தேன். உங்களின் இந்த யோசனை நன்றா தான் உள்ளது. இருப்பினும் ஓம் என்னும் எழுத்தை in pant தவிர்த்து இருக்கணும்.

I did not received any parcel.

Worst after sale services. My payment is been deducted and I haven’t received the product. Kindly look into the matter